What’s Life Like with Two Cats In An RV?

surprisingly simpler than expected
April 13, 2021
2 min read

We didn’t know what to expect when bringing our cats along but really there was no other option. It never crossed our minds to leave them behind with family or friends. And giving them up for re-adoption was not going to happen. We love them too much. 

House vs. Car vs. Casa Vii

It turns out that driving and living in Casa Vii has been similar to being in a home. And much better than going for a car ride. Both cats used to get anxiety and car sick during a 10 minute drive to the vet. This hasn’t happened in the RV, even with 3 1/2 hour drives. We think it has to do with not shuffling them in/out of multiple spaces. And the acceleration is so slow on this thing that they’re not being jerked around. All of this has made for a pleasantly, uneventful experience for the cats. 

During our travels, Nugget will usually find a spot on the counter or come into the cab area with us. Viina opts for the space underneath the booth where the litter box is kept. She prefers a dark and isolated spot during our drives. 

The space above the cab is designated as the kitty loft. This is where their toys, cat tunnel and cushions are, accessible to them at any time. Food and water bowls are kept in an open space under the sofa. Food, treats, carriers and grooming items are stowed away under one enclosed side of the sofa.

What about the litter box?

When we first moved in we kept their litter box on the cab floor, between the driver and passenger seats. This worked at the time since we weren’t moving. The makeshift curtain (bed sheet) stopped any smell from coming into the main part of the home.

For the permanent solution, we landed on the space under the booth seat closest to the door. 1) There’s plenty of space. 2) It’s easy for us to access since the cushions are removable. 3) Adding an entrance near the stairwell would leave the litter there and not in the main living space. Done and done! 

We purchased a medium pet door and cut a square out from the back of the booth using a sawzall. The litter box is in a clear Hefty container and underneath that is a mat (for stray litter). We also added a motion-sensor light inside to help them see where they’re going. After two months, it’s been working pretty well.

They’ve used hidden litter boxes for most of their lives so that, in particular, wasn’t much of an adjustment.

They’re learning!

As for the rest, Viina and Nugget have been able to see so many new environments and wildlife. In Hill Country, they witnessed families of deer wander the backyard. In Padre Island they watched their fair share of seagulls, pelicans and waves, crashing onto the beach. 

While they don’t roam freely outdoors, we have a mosquito tent that they can be in, outside.

So far, so good. If anything changes, we’ll keep y’all posted.

Until next time…


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