The ONE Thing We Hate About RV Life

it's not what you think
May 2, 2021
2 min read

Most things about RV living have been GREAT! It’s so nice to have your bed and bathroom with you, especially when public facilities are closed or have adjusted hours due to the pandemic. Going somewhere new every week has made our time more interesting.

However, there is one thing that we didn’t think about and gave very little thought, if any to be honest. The wind. That’s right, the wind. It has been extremely windy during our travels and…well we’re just over it. We’re not over RV living; we’re just getting started! But we are SO over the windy days. 

Take today, for example; winds could get up to 50-60mph at the Texas/New Mexico border! If you’re considering this lifestyle or just curious as to how this impacts daily life, see below: 

  • Since we’re on leveling blocks most of the time, the wind blows underneath and above, causing our tiny home to sway. This only happens when the wind is REALLY strong. 
  • The wind usually picks up dust or sand. This is the most annoying part, especially in a beach setting. If the windows are open, there’s no way of avoiding a thin layer of dust getting on our surfaces indoors.
  • We love to cook burgers, hotdogs and veggies on our little portable grill. But when the winds are so strong and fast, it makes this almost impossible. Instead, we have to use our toaster oven to make food. 
  • It makes it hard to enjoy the view and weather when the winds are literally in your face. Sitting in a camping chair and kicking back turns from a relaxing pastime to a game of making sure nothing flies away, including yourself! 

I guess I never gave much attention to the wind. Especially given the past year and a half where we’ve been inside the majority of the time, protected from the elements. 

And most YouTubers, vloggers and van lifers don’t talk about this when displaying their way of living to the rest of the world. The reality is, the wind doesn’t make this lifestyle as glamorous as it seems on social media. And I wanted to be honest about that.

Taking stock of all things though, it’s not a dealbreaker. We have an app that shows wind patterns at all the places we’re visiting. We do our best to navigate around it but sometimes, we just can’t avoid the wind.


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