Improve Your Life by “Creating” Coincidences

Through positive thoughts and actions, coincidences can become a common occurrence that provide the seeds to a better life
May 4, 2020
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Who doesn’t enjoy things falling into place right when you need them to? 

Traffic lights turning green when you’re in a rush. Someone calls or texts you right as you were picking up the phone to call them.

When we’re in need of something and it appears out of nowhere, we call it coincidence.

Because the chances seem so low that things would go perfectly, many of us assume this happens by chance. 

We used to think this way until we recounted the various coincidences we experienced. The realization that certain events and interactions needed to happen exactly as they did, when they did, lead us to believe it’s not always random.

Work With What Comes in Life, Not Against It

What if the opposite of coincidence is things not going right? 

When life feels like an uphill battle, it’s usually because things are going wrong or always falling apart. It’s worth noting that something seemingly negative can actually be beneficial in the long run.

When life feels like a breeze, coincidences occur more often and it feels like the universe is working for and with you, and vice versa. 

Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.

Simon Van Booy, “Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories”

We can’t say we have this completely down and lead the perfect life.

But we can say that we’ve started to notice coincidences more as we practice accepting what life has to offer. 

These aren’t always massive or life changing but they’re very clearly happening, big or small. 

One that happened for us very recently came in the form of our “wishes” coming true.

An Unexpected Delivery

With stay in place orders in full effect, we’re complying with social distancing measures. 

So a trip to the gas station three minutes away for a late night treat is a thing of the past.

During a Netflix binge, we talked about how nice it would be to have just a few more paper towel rolls and something else to snack on. 

The next day, we received an unexpected delivery containing…you guessed it. Three paper towel rolls, a loaf of bread and a half dozen cookies.

Yes, it was Jayla’s birthday and her friends (another couple) sent a gift.

However, she typically doesn’t celebrate with a formal party and gifts. And even more so this year with the current state of the world.

So it came as a total and complete surprise to have gotten anything at all.

It was a direct response to our conversation the prior evening, arriving right on time.

Again, something like this is small but for us it really felt like a manifestation of our thoughts. We put something out there and it returned to us, fulfilled. 

Try it out for yourself by being more intentional with your thoughts. Put “good” out through positive thoughts, actions and words, and see what returns.

Think of Coincidence as the Standard, Not the Exception

When coincidences happen on a small scale and more regular basis, our lives can feel more whole, complete and intentional. (Remember, it’s all of the little moments that make up life).

As a bonus, this allows our mental space to open for the things that take a little more elbow grease than pure luck or a blessing. 

When we’re living authentically, in step with our true sense of self, the stars are constantly aligned. The world is working to serve us. 

Coincidences are not only a gift, manifesting once in a blue moon. They should and can be the baseline of anyone’s life.

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