About Us

Our story together started just six years ago when we met in college. Since then, we’ve experienced major milestones, traveled and can now say we’ve been married a little over a year! 

After the first few months of dating, we quickly realized that we shared a number of interests: namely travel (although Jayla hadn’t been many places), food/wine, entertainment and, quite frankly, relaxing and spending time with one another.

In December 2016, we moved to Texas from the Midwest. Within a year, we adopted our first cat (Viina) and just two years later we adopted a second (Nugget). It’s safe to say we cannot imagine the past few years without them!

As mentioned, we been married for about a little over a year and have been thoroughly enjoying the newlywed life. Though we’d say very little has changed from our early days of being excited about taking adventures, “adulting” and laying the foundation for the years to come!

In February 2020, we went on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon and experienced a true sense of being unplugged and “one with nature.” It was an incredible, live-changing trip for us.

With this newfound perspective, we worked up the courage to start this blog! Sharing our life stories, love for travel, interest in food and more, we aim to create and spread inspiration to others.

We’re glad you visited and hope you’ll continue to follow our journey as we navigate this adventure called life…and have a little fun along the way!