3 Months at Home: Baking and “Back to the Future”

It’s been a little over 3 months since the both of us have been isolating at home due to local stay in place orders.  Searching for the silver lining, we were relieved to know our
June 27, 2020
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It’s been a little over 3 months since the both of us have been isolating at home due to local stay in place orders. 

Searching for the silver lining, we were relieved to know our normal commutes would be reduced, we’d have more time to spend with our cats and we’d save money by eating in more often.

It’s worth noting that we’ve been very fortunate to view this time as a slow down in the busyness that’s typically defined our lives. While we’re still working, we’re finding that we have more opportunities to do things that we couldn’t do in the past:

  • Baking & cooking
  • Exploring more in entertainment
  • Exercising

These aren’t all inclusive but just a few things that we’ve noticed changing in our day to day. 

We actually have the time and energy to spare for things we didn’t even know we enjoyed!

Baking, Cooking (and Grocery Shopping)

This has been the biggest change we’ve experienced. At the moment, we’re buying groceries every two weeks with a focus on buying ingredients instead of pre-packaged foods. 

Grocery shopping before the pandemic consisted of “luxury” foods such as Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tropicana fruit juices, $10 bags of beef jerky, family-sized bags of potato chips and frozen pizza…among other things. 

Fast-forward to today and we’re purchasing more practical things such as flour, cocoa powder, rice and produce to create our own foods and desserts. 

As a nice surprise and added bonus, baking has turned out to be one of my favorite (newest) hobbies with Artur getting pretty skilled at cooking foods such as egg fried rice, Thai fried rice and chuck roast barbacoa…again, all from scratch! 

Entertainment – Old and New (to me)

We really enjoy TV shows and movies and have been able to spend more time on quality entertainment as opposed to only catching recurring episodes of The Simpsons or The Office before going to bed. 

In addition to some of our favorites like Breaking Bad (AMC/Netflix) and Insecure (HBO), we’ve been a bit more intentional in finding things to watch, including some classics. 

Namely Back to the Future, Part II and Part III. While Artur had seen these before, it was my first time watching in June 2020! Needless to say it was a much needed mental break from the news cycle and current events. 

It was that bit of nostalgia that I didn’t realize I needed! 


While I’ve not been the most consistent in the recent months, both of us have seen an increase in making time for exercise. 

With the couch, desk and dinner table being our main spaces of occupancy, we’ve found it helpful to make the time for a quick routine or our exercise bike…if not for our physical health, for our mental clarity.

If you’re looking to exercise more, my advice would be to just go for it! In whatever capacity you’re able to do so and for the amount of time that’s most comfortable for you. 

In the past, I’ve viewed exercise as this rigid, routine-driven “obligation” that had to be done a particular way. As time has gone on, it’s really become more plain and simple and aligns with our initial angle of this blog: do what works best for you! 


Thanks for catching up with us and let us know: what hobbies have you recently picked up? We’d love to hear from you!

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